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The English Language

Academic plan


English for Beginners - Beginners | This is a great opportunity for 72 academic hours to learn the basics of grammar and vocabulary, learn to write simple phrases, talk about yourself, get acquainted, and exchange the simplest information.

English language, elementary level - Elementary | But not for everyone, but not for everyone. In addition, the knowledge is enough to write letters, business or personal, understanding the main meaning of the text or speech.

English, easy conversational level - "Pre-Intermediate" | You can express your thoughts in writing: business and personal correspondence of the average level becomes subject to you. The lexical stock of about 1400 words allows you to conduct an easy and casual conversation in English.

English, conversational level - "Intermediate" | Improvement of the English language until the end of communication with the overcoming of the language barrier.

English, "above average" level - "Upper-Intermediate" | This level of language skills is sufficient for working with contacts, conducting business correspondence, public speaking, participating in discussions, processing scientific and technical information, working on the Internet.

English, advanced level - "Advanced" | Having finished this level, you can work with it practically in all situations: without preparation to communicate with native speakers, read unadapted literature in English, generalize and comment on the content of the text, and make reviews of what has been read.